Shopko stores around the nation are getting expansions to better serve you. Is Yakima on that list?

According to a recent press release sent specifically to media outlets in Yakima, it had the words "including your local Shopko," so it would appear so. I tried reaching out to the public relations person behind the press release and haven't heard back, yet. Once I do I'll confirm it.

Along with food and drinks many of those stores will also have a freezer section for even more of a selection.

The reason for the expansion is, simply, loyal customers asked for it. Shopko stores already had a small section for cookies, cereal and more, but not much.

“In our effort to deliver the ultimate convenience to our loyal customers, Shopko continues to add to its growing and diverse line of products across all of its stores,” said Greg Doran, Senior Vice President of Shopko Stores. “As a proud member of the communities we are privileged to serve, we are continually striving to find ways to make our customers’ lives easier, and this grocery expansion is one more means for us to achieve that objective.”

I'm hoping Yakima is on this list for store expansions. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

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