The job market might not be so stellar but that doesn’t mean you have to stay with a company that stifles your creativity, demeans you for their profit or makes you spend long hours away from your loved ones.

But enough about every job that ever existed.

Some positions are worth leaving to join the ranks of the unemployed and pounding the pavement for something better. Here are some ways to tell that you need to tell your boss where he can put your job and how he can put it there.

1. Your job duties include being the boss’ ottoman.

2. Your boss accused you of sleeping on the job, even though he’s technically the one who put you in the coma.

3. Your office chair is really just a stack of milk crates joined together with duct tape.

4. Your company makes everyone do calisthenics every morning because the elevators can’t handle the extra weight.

5. The company car is a Pinto on cinder blocks.

6. Your health benefits only cover a doctor who pokes you with a stick and says “Everythin’ seems alright to me.”

7. The last company retreat was at your boss’ house so you could paint his garage as a “team building exercise.”

8. The break room is the first of its kind…to be inspected by the CDC.

9. The office’s casual Friday policy doesn’t cover nudity.

10. Your employer refuses to give you an optical plan because he considers glasses a form of birth control.

11. You are required to take your work home with you and you work at a superfund site.

12. You work for Donald Trump.

13. The atmosphere is more of a kids’ birthday party with no parental supervision and that’s not the right working environment for a congressional office.

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