A close friend (I won't use her real name, so we'll just call her "A. Mazing") just told me that her husband's doctor just told him that, because of his urgent health issues, he needs to immediately start the Paleo Diet. If I had been there in the office with them, I would have responded to that doctor with, "Paleo-whut?!"

I have only heard about the Paleo Diet in passing. All that I know about it is that it's nicknamed "The Caveman Diet" and I ain't no caveman, so I dismissed it with the quickness! Several celebrities I've heard of have done it (like Miley Cyrus, Matthew McConnaghey, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox and more). I've also heard that it is tough to stick with, but if it means saving your health (and your life), then you have to get those recipes on and poppin'! I told A. Mazing that I would research some recipes for her to help ease that burden.

To help my friend find some paleo-friendly recipes that are actually DELICIOUS, of course, I immediately turned to Pinterest to check out some lovely pictures of paleo dishes, and boy, is my mouth watering already!

The Paleo Diet consists of eating solely foods from lean meats, vegetables, fruit, seafood, and nuts and seeds groups, along with natural and healthy fats. I quickly found crock pot recipes for sweet potato chili and other bean-free chili dishes, cilantro lime fish tacos (with gluten-free taco shells), barbecue brisket lettuce wraps, chicken curries, turkey meatballs, honey-garlic chicken wings, and so much more!

If you are on the Paleo Diet, you cannot consume legumes (beans), processed foods (like sugary sweets and most fast food dishes), grains, alcohol, and dairy products. (What, no cheese? No beer? No dollar menu cheeseburgers?!) According to Julianne J. Taylor, a registered nurse and nutritionist, the diet is especially important to stick to if you need "relief [from] undiagnosed celiac disease, wheat and gluten intolerance or sensitivities." Jack Osborne uses it to help fight his multiple sclerosis. Other celebrities use the low-carb Paleo Diet to lose weight after pregnancy, slim down for movie and TV roles, and to get lean and trim before their weddings.

I am going to try to give it a go with the Paleo Diet (at least for a few weeks) in solidarity with my friend, because for one, I know that she and her hubby are going through a tough time and I want to help my "A. Mazing" friend find some new dishes to cook for her husband. The other reason I'm going to try it is because my end goal is also start eating healthy for myself. *NERVOUS GULP*

Here's to a healthier lifestyle to us all, no matter what foods you eat!