We all know that there are pet cemeteries in Oregon, not the Stephen King kind. However, we were curious about whether or not people can bury their own pets on their property, surprisingly it's illegal in a lot of places such as California and Arizona but what about Oregon?

We already looked into the laws for Washington and it shocked us how many stipulations there were, if you're curious about Washington States' law you can check out the link right here! Can you Legally Bury your pets in your backyard in Washington State?

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Is it Legal?

Yes, it is legal for you to bury your pet on your property, however, there are some stipulations for doing this. Just like burying a person, there are certain rules about where they can be buried, where a human can be buried in cemeteries the cemetery has to be located in a place where no decomposition can contaminate other areas or water.

What are the Rules?


In order to bury your pet on your property but not if it's within a half mile of a dwelling such as apartments, or shared property as in condos or duplexes.

The other law is that they may not be buried within 1/4th mile of a running stream, to make sure water is not contaminated.

The last rule is the amount of time you have to take care of the burial itself. You must bury, cremate or dispose of the body within fifteen hours after your pet has passed. So like being prepared for the passing of a family member it's better to plan ahead and be prepared for the passing of your pet.

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