So many jobs and the best place to start is within the school districts and within the cities across the country. After you have checked all those places did you know you can now get your food handlers card online? It's a simple way to expand your search even further and I have to be honest, I did it and I was super nervous. I thought I wouldn't pass but I did! You can too!

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Comprehensive Healthcare is a gigantic company that is making a difference in people's lives across the country. You can train to be a volunteer crisis hotline worker or apply for many different positions across Eastern, and Washington. They are celebrating its 50th anniversary in the Yakima Valley and the opportunities to grow within the organization are endless. Create the life you want today

Yakima Memorial Hospital might be looked at as one building but the positions available span across the Yakima Valley as well. There are many different locations under the Memorial umbrella working with children in need of cooks, housekeeping, and beyond.

Yakima Valley College is a great spot to begin your career or find a place to make money while you further your education.

Uber and Doordash are great options if you own or have a vehicle

AMR is searching for Emergency Response Paramedic, EMT Basic, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technicians, and more

Tree Top is hiring across Eastern Washington.

For All The Parents Helping Find a Job for their Children

  • Have them call these spots and find out what ages are they hiring. Get them used to speaking on the phone and asking direct questions.

Send me more positions and I will update

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