I've been on quite a nostalgia kick for the past little bit. With the return of Surge and Ecto Cooler, I was anxious for other products we don't have anymore. Several people have mentioned they'd love to see the return of 3D Doritos. I'm not sure if they plans to bring those back, but they're still available -- and have been all along -- in Mexico.

If you're not familiar with these, in the '90s they had an option for these 3D Doritos. Basically, Doritos that were puffed up and were light and airy -- kind of like sealed Bugles, those horn-shaped seasoned snacks that I also love.

I don't remember when they took 3D Doritos off the shelf, but apparently they were a favorite of many. With some quick research, I learned they were still available in Mexico and, easy enough, I found some for sale from an eBay vendor near the border. I went ahead and ordered a few bags.

They're tasty! No doubt about it. Nice to see this again, but maybe we'll see them back on store shelves? Only time will tell.

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