The month of June sure did fly right by us, didn't it? It sure seemed that way to me.

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Here we are in the month of July in less than a week, so let's start planning some stuff to get into. The sort of "stuff" I'm talking about will involve some travel, so make sure you've got a decent working car and preferably some working AC. We are, after all in the throes of a heatwave. At least if your car's air conditioning isn't working, the long drive will give you the chance to roll your window down and take in the suffocating breeze heat from the freeway!

1. Toppenish Rodeo: Remember this important announcement: Tickets Being Sold Online ONLY here! The rodeo is back in full (social distanced) effect during the first Friday and Saturday of July. Put on your favorite pair of cowboy boots along with a couple of belt buckles to show off with. July 2nd and 3rd at the Toppenish Rodeo Grounds (600 S Division St).

2. 3rd of July in Moses Lake: Want to do something different and celebrate (the day 'Merica got its independence from the King) out of town (but not TOO far)? Head to the Moses Lake Museum & Art center for the "Free Family Saturday" thing they're doing. You (and the kids) will be making a "Patriotic Party Favor". I have NO IDEA what that even means, but it sounds fun.

3. 4th of July Independence Day Hot Dog Eating Contest: This would make a great excuse to drive to Walla Walla. The first FIVE people to walk up and register for the contest gets to compete. Not sure if there's a cash prize or not. You'll have to check the website for more info here.

4. Jazz in the Valley in Ellensburg: Wrap up the month of July with some jazz, man! Expect a large crowd because people have been cooped up for COVID and we are finally being fully released back into our wild human habitats! July 30th and 31st. Free to attend and 7 live jazz bands from 6 pm to 10 pm each night.

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