The front desk girls at the radio station always give me a hard time about my lunch. It made me think of foods that I'm sure girls don't each as much as guys. I thought I'd devise my own top 5 food list that obviously men love and that women dislike.

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    Chef Boyardee is the man! He was a real chef and in the early 1920's started packing his pasta into cans as pasta at the time was inexpensive. The big expansion was during WWII and thousands of troops enjoyed Chef Boyardee as rations so the troops returning home made Chef Boyardee a household name.

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    Guys love Chili and what is not to love? Chili goes with everything and Chili made it's debut in America and Texas as far back as the 1500's but it was the American frontier that pushed chili out of the state and into the hands of hungry men everywhere. There is nothing like opening a can of chili and heating it up for a quick lunch.

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    The king of the cheap lunch has to be Top Ramen. It is so easy to make that with water, a microwave and a bowl is about all it takes for a quick and cheap lunch.

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    The ultimate bachelor food is in Totino's pizza. The cool thing is that an entire pizza is good for lunch or dinner, and with a short cooking can be enjoyed quickly after firing up that oven.

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    Spam has been around since 1937 as GI's returning from War enjoyed this new confection from the Hormel Food Corporation and set men's taste buds into the stratosphere. The popular "meat" product even has a restaurant in Austin Minnesota called "Johnny's SPAMarama" which features cooked spam on the menu.

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