Need to put some pizazz in your life this weekend but don't really want to leave the house and get out there in this heat? Take a gander at these five (5) quirky virtual events you can do online from the comfort of your bed, recliner, or sofa!

1. Online Argentine TANGO Dance classes with USA Tango champion: Michael & Nella Tango teach you how to do the tango! How it works is you sign up for the video on Sundays and they send you the video to practice. It's 10 bucks for the class. This week they are teaching how the "Follower" dances the Tango. Sounds quirky to me!
2. Internal Martial Arts - Free Online Class: A Zoom class that gives you instruction on how to "develop or enhance your physical strength, internal power, and mind-body connection to a much deeper level." This is a free class so money is no object to develop a skill in this craft.

3. LIVE Musical Cooking Class with Gabrielle Reyes - One Great Vegan: This is a Saturday class that begins at 11 a.m. on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Live. Gabrielle says she all you have to do is sign up for the free cooking class then "grab your grocieries and get ready to sing + cook along."

4. Declutter Your Mind (Online): We all could use a little decluttering of the mind. This class endeavors to help you "feel calm and centered even in the midst of chaos." It's free to attend this quirky class that comes with guided meditation and rhythmic breathing.

5. Online Social Chats for International Friends: What a quirky little way to make friends from around the world without having to get a passport and sit at the airport and wait for hours on end. It's a Zoom class, too!

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