Top 6 Things Yakima Valley Is Buying Online Lately

There's lots of places in Yakima Valley to buy things in person but sometimes we gotta get what we need and try buying online. We have many wonderful local places to buy stuff in person, places like the mall, retail outlets, local grocers, and boutique stores. The pandemic, however, encouraged and in some cases, forced, many of us to buy our household necessities online and well, some of us haven’t stopped using Amazon, Ebay, Poshmark, and other direct store websites.


We asked some of our listeners what was the last thing they bought on Amazon just to get a gauge of what folks are spending their money on these days, and it looks like ‘tis the season for buying holiday stuff, gifts, and frivolous indulgence items.


The last thing I bought was a LeJonquille Toys Bubble Maker machine with bubble solution in bulk for my nephew who lives in Oklahoma, and a book for my daughter, The Boy Who Painted the World by Melody J. Bremen. I got them on Amazon because I knew they would arrive quickly. I also bought my brother a Sir Mix-A-Lot Funko Pop doll!

What was the last thing YOU bought on Amazon?

Now let’s see what popular things others are buying for themselves and others online.

Top 6 Things Yakima Valley Is Buying on Amazon Lately

1 . Halloween costumes


What Was the Last Thing You Bought Online

2 . Christmas and Birthday Presents

Michelle D. said she last got some “birthday prezzies” on Amazon and Amy F. got a “Christmas present and the rest of my Halloween costume.” Carol W. says she bought “Lots of Christmas presents for the Grandkids!”

3 . Baby Shower Gifts and Things for Babies

RoseMary H. says she purchased “a gift for my newest grandchild” and Travis P. got some “baby formula.”

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4 . Household Items and Toiletries

What Was the Last Thing You Bought Online (1)

Sonia B. and Kristina K. said they stocked up on “bedsheet suspenders” and I realize I have never heard of that before!

5 . Frivolous Indulgence Items

Tami S. says she bought a blow up doll and Chacha P. told us she bought a “Sunshine Care Bear.” Victoria T. got herself a pair of Doc Martens!

6 . Beverages

Kierstyn commented that she bought “energy drinks by the cases” and Theresa M. needed to get some “coffee.”

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