Keep in mind before reading my advice that although I have never planned a wedding before, I have been to many weddings as the DJ. I have had the up close and personal bird's eye view.

Most "ultimate wedding lists" will give you the top FIVE things to do when planning a wedding, but I am here to give you the top SIX things, because in my 5+ years of experience as a wedding DJ, the last one is super important and has been overlooked by many brides and grooms to-be.

Before I begin my list, I will tell you that out of all the ultimate things that make each Yakima Valley wedding a success, the MOST IMPORTANT thing they all have in common is: A UNIQUE LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

Psst! By the way, if you are looking for a unique location to host your wedding (or other event), might I suggest The Seasons Performance Hall.

Hurry up and you can snag this venue for your wedding on Seize The and save $1050! That's a deal worth 40% off, and it includes full use of the building, tables, chairs, sound system and kitchen! (This deal of a lifetime and the others listed below, ends on Friday, September 14th at 7pm!)

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    A UNIQUE Location

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    Reception Food & Beverages

    There are many FANTASTIC caterers and bakeries in the Yakima Valley (and most of all of them are my friends!), so I am not able to suggest anyone in particular. I am, however, able to say some of the BEST wedding reception food I've ever eaten included:

    • A Taco Bar

    Yep, that's it. If you have a Taco Bar at your wedding, it is likely to be the wedding of the year! ;-)

    I will add, however that the first person to serve CHEESE ZOMBIES at their wedding will go down in history as the BEST WEDDING EVER. (Speaking of which, you can get a Cheese Zombie party from Shorty's Sweets, Treats and Cakes that includes one dozen cheese zombies, tomato soups, desserts and drinks! Offer ends 9/14/18.)

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    Bridal Jewelry

    Choosing the perfect bridal gown is a struggle, but selecting the perfect jewelry to go with the dress ISN'T! Find something beautiful at the Seize The Deal auction from Yakima-area jewelers, such as Parry Jewelers and Bergeron Jewelers!

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    Wedding Night Hotel

    You don't have to stay at a hotel in Yakima to make your wedding night a success! Think about renting a limousine and have them take you someplace away from the rest of the world.

    You can whisk yourselves away to Seattle and stay at Hotel Nexus or get your groove on in a King Suite room at the Zillah Lakes Inn.

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    Bridal Wedding Gift

    I know that brides and grooms give each other special wedding gifts. (They still do that, right?)

    I have the PERFECT idea for a gift the bride can give to her groom: a BOUDOIR photo book!

    I once did a boudoir photo session with Christel Clear Photography and let me just say, when I am 90 years old, I am going to whip out those photos and show all the young'ns just how HOT I was back in the day! Thank you so much, Christel!  :-D


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    Feed The DJ

    A wedding DJ will spend hours crafting your perfect wedding playlist BEFORE the wedding. She or he will also spend your ENTIRE wedding stressing out over which songs will actually make your drunk family and friends get out on the dance floor, so a great idea is to make sure the DJ gets a BIG PLATE of food at the reception! Throw in a free drink or two, and your DJ will be in heaven!

    You don't want your wedding DJ to get all hangry at your wedding, now do ya? :-)

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