I do's ... and please don'ts
Next time one of your friends is getting ready to say " I do," make sure to keep a few "don'ts" in mind ...
1.  Making an inappropriate best man speech.
2.  Getting too drunk.
3.  Getting it on with a bridesmaid or groomsman.
The budget bridal plan
So how do you create the perfect wedding on a budget -- if your budget is $13 million?
Well, if you're George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, here's what you do:
Hold your wedding in a scenic location that is easily accessible to all of your friends and wedding party...
Dying Dad Walks Daughter Down The Aisle
We nominate this story for 'Story of the Week.' An 11-year-old girl got the ultimate birthday surprise one day when she returned from school. Her dad, who is dying of cancer, walked her down the aisle in a surprise wedding at their home.
Prankster Jimmy Kimmel Gets Pranked At His Own Wedding
Jimmy Kimmel is notorious for pulling pranks on everybody from celebrities to family members to even fans of Justin Bieber (see below). So it should come as no surprise that The Kimmel gets punked at his own wedding.
A-List celebrities from Ellen Degeneres to Jennifer Aniston to Ben Affleck and…

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