The Downtown Yakima Mile (DYM) is back so get your walking, jogging, or running shoes ready and plan to join the fun on Saturday, July 2nd, 2022.

One mile, just 5,280 measly feet, only 1,760 yards, a mere 63,360 inches! C'mon man, you can do that!

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Race Details

The Downtown Yakima Mile -benefiting the Yakima YWCA- is a timed one-mile race that follows a 14-block gradual downhill stretch of Yakima Avenue. Learn more about the YWCA’s life-saving services at

The race starts out on Yakima Avenue just east of 16th Avenue with the finish line ending in the shadow of the iconic Art Deco Larson Building. 

The DYM is open to participants of all ages and abilities. The race is free for runners 18 and under. Senior citizens are $12.50, and all other runners can register for $25.The event features 11 heats -- from elite athletes to tiny tots -- with $50,000 in prize money to be won by elite runners and everyday runners alike.

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  6:00 pm    Family Mile ( Walk, Stroll, Jog )
  6:15 pm    BOYS & GIRLS 6 to 11 yearS OLD ( COMPETITIVE )
  6:25 pm    Sgt. Joe Deccio Military, First Responders, & Healthcare Heros
  6:35 pm    Open Adult Race ( Competitive )
  6:45 pm    Dog Mile Championship
  6:55 pm    Boys and Girls 12 to 14 years old ( Competitive )
  7:05 pm    Robby Barany Boys and Girls 14 to 18 years old ( Competitive )
  7:15 pm    Master’s Men’s and Women’s Championship ( Competitive )
  7:30 pm    Women's Elite
  7:45 pm    Men’s Elite
  8:00 pm    Kids Race to the Finish Line with Elite Athletes


Organizers say:
The Downtown Yakima Mile is much more than a race. It’s about bringing our community together for fun, fitness, and in support of important causes that serve our friends and neighbors in the Yakima Valley...We hope the Downtown Yakima Mile inspires families across the Yakima Valley and beyond to become and stay active

Calling All The Big Dogs

But for some of the more elite runners, the race is just that, a race with prestige and prize money!  The elite heats draw NCAA champions, U.S. champions, and Olympians to the Yakima Valley.
Last year, Nikki Hiltz charged away in the final two blocks to set a new Washington State mile record for women with a time of 4 minutes, :21.50 seconds.
The Washington State men’s mile record, which was set at the inaugural Downtown Yakima Mile at 3 minutes, 51.79 seconds by Amos Bartelsmeyer, running for Germany, remains unbroken.

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