If you were curious how to run a successful trunk or treat just reach out to Erin Smith, the ASB Club, and students at A.C. Davis High School because Saturday, December 19th, 2020 was a sight to behold.

what a fun way to spread cheers

The layout of the school's parking lot coupled with the road leading up to it made for a perfectly spaced trunk or treat including Santa, the Grinch, the A.C. Davis High School band, and even their choir! Were cheerleaders there? Yes! Add football players, clubs, and volunteers, the Davis pride was palpable.

A.C. Davis High School Football players

I would have to say my favorite part of any of these is the excitement from the little kids, the squeals and sweet comments like, "oh my gosh chocolate kisses are my favorite!" or, "I LOVE coloring, thank you!" Even behind their little masks, you can tell they have giant smiles on their faces so for all the parents who braved the chilly weather, the wind, and a bit of rain, thank you because in 2020 you're the real heroes!

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kids getting all excited

Another favorite moment was when the band, all light up like Christmas trees came out playing some jams and circled one of the cars as they wound through the trunk or treat, I am sure they knew who this person was but I was laughing out loud because those are the kinds of memories that make people feel special always whenever they recall them, I know I will and I was just a bystander.

The A.C. Davis Band

It's was a trip helping out at the high school I graduated from, the energy from the students was on point. I spoke to a junior on how he's handling this year and was super impressed to find out that he is making a point to wake up early and get dressed each and every day, while I was taking pride in wearing pajamas to my zoom meetings. Kind of kicked me in the butt, maybe I should be getting dressed more... but hey! To each, their own, there will be no judging here.

Davis High School's Holiday Trunk or Treat 2020

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