I had to catch a flight from Seattle to Los Angeles this weekend, and I had no idea what I was going to do with my car while I was gone. There was no way I was going to pay $24-plus a day to park my ride in the airport parking garages.

While I was sitting at the Jack In The Box having a milkshake with my daughter, we were watching all the traffic go by and Willow noticed a lot of shuttle buses driving past. Now that her reading is improving (she's 6 years old), she started reading some of the words on the buses.

"What is Wally Park, Mom?" she asked me.

Funny thing that she asked me that, otherwise I never would have heard of them. Have you ever done the park-n-fly thing when heading out of the Seattle airport? What's your favorite one to use?

I grabbed my cellphone and started searching for cheap off-site parking at Sea-Tac, and discovered an online coupon for Wally Park!

There are so many other cheap options with coupons if you make your reservation online, all you have to do is get your Google fingers cracking and keep searching for ones that cost less than $11 a day, some even as low as $7.95!

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