A Ghost Town That Might Spook You Out This Halloween Season

Sherman, Washington the gateway to WILBURN, Washinton

Less than 3 hours away from Central Washington is a small Eastern Washington town that is alleged to be haunted. It just might spook you out this Halloween season and that is something to look forward to (if you like to get scared out of your wits).



What makes Sherman, Washington, so spooky? Well, if you like exploring the abandoned historical towns of Washington, this place is right up your alley. All that is left is remnants of past residents and the shelters they left behind. These remnants only include an empty schoolhouse, cemetery, and a church that likely held dozens of migrant pioneers looking to make Washington state their new home.


My Little Town of Wilbur, Washington
Troys Hobbies via YouTube

We’re not sure why this place would be considered haunted, considering most folks left Sherman once automobiles became popular and they could skedaddle! But who are we to judge the haunted spirits of the past? Perhaps the ghost of Wild Goose Bill and the man he killed roam the town. Could they be looking for someone to scare, like you? (Just kidding, I don’t know if you are even Wild Goose Bill’s type.) Maybe you could find out in 2023 for the next round of Wild Goose Bill Days in East Wenatchee!

Want to explore more ghost towns in Washington state? There is a lengthy list here on Wikipedia that will get you started.

I have lived in Washington for 20 years and never heard of this place!
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