Did you vote in Tuesday's special election? More than 44,000 ballots were sent to voters in the Yakima Valley and there's a mixed bag of results Today.

Some of the issues are too close to call until the election is certified

Levies that are to close to call are in West Valley, Union Gap and Grandview but voters approved levy issues in Zillah, Highland, Wapato and Mt. Adams school districts. The levy in the Naches Park District also passed.  Many of the districts were asking for renewal of ongoing levies to help fund the schools with no increases or changes.More ballots are expected to be counted today and every day until the election is certified on February 18. 22% of the ballots were counted Tuesday, when the election counting is finished Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross expects a 34% turnout.

You can check your voting record in the link below

For more information check https://www.yakimacounty.us/170/Elections
If you would like to confirm that the county received your ballot, or print a receipt for voting, you can visit  www.votewa.gov and see personalized information about your voting record and the status of your ballot for any election.

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