What in the world is a ratchet tie down? Is it the new way to say "scarf for your hair weave"? I don't even have the slightest idea. Meanwhile, I received one in the mail today, and it was addressed from somebody named "Anonymous". I am willing to bet a week's pay that the anonymous person is none other than NAHUM RAY, because he is always calling me "Ratchet Reesha". But I digress.

After a quick search on Google, I've found out that apparently, a ratchet tie down is something you can use to tie down "ratchet" appliances or secure freights in high winds. I have seen them on tractor trailers, so I guess I am familiar with what a ratchet tie down is. Now I finally know the name of it!

I don't need one, but thanks anyway, Mr. Anonymous NAHUM RAY! Hey Nahum, don't get too happy over there, because ratchet recognizes ratchet! HA!