Alright, let's be honest for a minute. There comes a point in each one of our lives where we've had to or will have to make decisions. Do you puff on the joint that was just passed your way, cuss at your sibling, break the law by speeding to work or join a gang? Each action causes a reaction and depending on the people you surround yourself with the decision could be very different. Most of those choices are normal life things but imagine having the extra addition of a mental health issue that is undiagnosed or not being treated correctly!

You could be a teen or an adult reading this but I bet everyone knows someone who is struggling and not sure what the next step is. There is help in our valley and it could come from Comprehensive Mental Health.

Mistee Magalei will be joining me in the studio Wednesday, May 22nd in the 3 pm hour to speak on

WISE - wraparound with intensive services, a youth-centered program for youth with mental health diagnoses that are experiencing severe disruptions of behavior and affecting family life, school performance or social environment.

Their team includes case managers, therapists, peer support so if you are a parent or guardian that is concerned about what youth is experiencing or they're exhibiting certain behaviors they are here to help!

Feel free to tune in and ask your questions, we can be discreet!

Feel free to contact the Yakima office 509.575.4084, Ellensburg 925-9861 or Sunnyside 837-2089




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