There are many things that new moms forget to do, but that is because they have a new amazing baby in their life and of course only want to spend time with the baby!  I sure forgot things like appointments for myself, returning missed calls, replying to emails - but I had something far better that took my attention.

Adele, new mom to baby boy Adele (who still apparently has no name) has forgotten to do a little something that just might cost her around $1600, simple pocket change for the 'Skyfall' singer - That is:  she forgot to register her newborn!  According to the huffington post online, Adele did not register the new little man within the legal 42-days and in her country, it's a law and a big no-no not too.

Now, I will not judge her, because I love her; but if you ask me - because so much information goes along with registering your baby: name, sex, place of birth, address, parents name, etc; maybe, she didn't forget at all...

Maybe she really just doesn't want his name released yet!