**Word of Nestle’s arrival in China’s infant formula market sent A2 Milk Co.’s stock price tumbling 10 percent last week.

According to agweb.com, the selloff in A2 Milk was spurred by news that it faces direct competition from Nestle, following its move to sell A2-protein only baby formula in China.

The company sells milk from cows that only produce the A2 protein, regular cow’s milk also contains the A1 protein, which it says can cause discomfort to some people.

**U.S. farmers got the news they’d been fearing for months on Wednesday when China announced plans for retaliatory tariffs against American soybeans, the nation’s No. 2 crop.

As Chicago soybean futures fell as much as 5.3 percent Wednesday, farmers expressed concern that an extended decline could wipe out expected returns for this season.

Agweb.com reports they also worry tariffs will mean China builds stronger trade relationships with Brazil and Argentina, reducing imports from the U.S. long term.

**With participation lagging, the National Agricultural Statistics Service is redoubling efforts to get farmers and

ranchers to return their 2017 Agricultural Census.

NASS has extended the original February deadline into the spring in order to give farmers and ranchers more time to send their forms in or fill them out online.

NASS Public Affairs Director Sue King tells Agri-Pulse, the return rate stands at 53.7 percent, well behind the 2012 rate of just over 80 percent.

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