**A controversial California ballot initiative, which passed in November, will significantly increase the price of pork for consumers both in California and nationwide.

Set to go into effect in 2022, it bans the sale of products from animals not raised in accordance with the production method it prescribes.

Agweb.com reports, the proposition applies to the meat from breeding sows, which are “confined in a cruel manner” or their offspring. “Cruel” is defined as in less than 24 square feet of space per animal.

**Move over Millennials, Gen Z is having a growing influence on how everybody shops and eats.

Just when retailers had gotten a handle on Millennial habits, the young 11-to-22 year old consumers behind them are bringing their own unique attitudes to the retail produce scene.

Thepacker.com reports, Gen Zer’s have a high awareness of sugars, organic products, and food origins. This bodes well for natural fresh produce, with an eye to expanding lines of interesting, healthy ingredients.

**National Cattlemen's Beef Association leaders redoubled their efforts to push back against deceptive and erroneous marketing and nutritional claims by plant-based and lab-created alternatives to real beef.

Agrimarketing.com reports that in the opening General Session of the cattle industry's annual Summer Business Meeting, Senior officials highlighted how NCBA is continuing to educate consumers and policymakers about the benefits of real beef and the often-oversold claims of fake meat products.

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