Have you ever experienced Bahn mi? Actual definition

banh mi
ˈbän mē/
  1. (in Vietnamese cuisine) a sandwich consisting of a baguette (traditionally baked with both rice and wheat flour) filled with a variety of ingredients, typically including meat, pickled vegetables, and chili peppers.
    "along with classic banh mi, there are refreshing cold noodles and exceptional bowls of soup"

My first experience was the bahn mi sandwich. You can get an incredible one at Pho King Crab in Yakima! There is something SO delicious about the crunch of the fresh veggies with the Vietnamese flavors that have had me feeling some sort of way for a few years! I've wanted to make some at home but I suppose I was a little scared of the process. FINALLY yesterday I went for it and I can honestly say it was super easy and SUPER satisfying :) Do you own a crock pot?

Homemade Bahn Mi

I found the recipe on-line CLICK HERE and this skinnytaste slow cooker break-down was pretty on point. The ONLY thing I wished I would have gotten was one more jalepeno for garnish on the top. Never hurts to have some extra spice....well sometimes buahaha!

Seriously with all this rain and it being Fall AND you are entering the weekend, it's the perfect meal to test out! :)

Now to find out if Pho King Crab will sell me their Bahn Mi bread! :)

This was the second meal that I made from my very first grocery delivery experience CLICK HERE to find out more and to grab my Turkey Chili recipe! Yum!

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