**White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says China's president Xi has reassured President Trump that Beijing will meet purchase goals outlined in the Phase-One agreement.

Kudlow tells Bloomberg TV, the coronavirus outbreak may delay some of China's purchase commitments, but they will get done.

Kudlow says China hasn't formally asked for exceptions to the purchasing targets, but the two leaders and staff are talking.

**India and the U.S. are set to complete a limited trade deal next week during President Trump's visit to India.

The president's trip is scheduled for February 23rd – 26th and the limited trade deal will likely include agricultural products.

National Pork Producers Council believes India should lift its de facto ban on U.S. pork and remains hopeful this limited trade deal will address that.

**A recent online survey by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association revealed when it comes to the ingredients and implied benefits of plant-based fake meat products, there is widespread confusion among consumers.

According to agriculture.com, less than half of the more than 1,800 consumers surveyed understood the term “plant-based beef” was meant to describe an entirely vegetarian or vegan food product with about a third believing they contained at least some real beef.

32% shown Beyond Meat’s “Beyond Burger” package, which features a cow icon, said they thought the patties contained at least small amounts of real meat.

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