US Import Tarrifs
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**The Chinese government has asked its state-owned enterprises to suspend imports of U.S. ag products after President Trump ratcheted up trade tensions with the Asian nation.

According to, China’s state-run agricultural firms have now stopped buying American farm goods, waiting to see how trade talks progress.

President Trump proposed adding 10% tariffs on another $300 billion in imports beginning September 1, while officials in Beijing have pledged to respond if the U.S. insists on adding the extra tariffs.

**U.S. farmers feel more confident about the economy and a favorable outcome to the tariff trade dispute with China, and revealed more prevent planting acreage was registered than many thought.

According to the Ag Economy Barometer for July jumped to a reading of 153, an increase of 27 points over June. reports, July was the second month in a row the barometer rose sharply, leaving the barometer 52 points higher than in May.

**Organic fresh fruits and vegetables will find growing demand in the Canadian market, according to a new USDA report.

In the 2019 retail sector review of Canada, published by the Foreign Agricultural Service, the substantial sector of the Canadian retail market is looking for low-priced foods, while the other segment hungers for premium and specialty food items. reports, breaking into the Canadian market may require success with independent retailers before business is won with a large chain.


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