**The The Trans-Pacific-Partnership replacement, not including the United States, takes effect at the end of this year.

Agnetwest.com reports, Australia and Canada filed ratification documents last week, kicking off a 60-day waiting period before the agreement takes effect. Six countries have ratified the deal.

President Trump removed the U.S. from the TPP upon taking office, opening a new era of trade policy focusing on bilateral agreements and aggressive negotiations.

**The Halloween staple nobody seems to like, candy corn has its roots in rural America.

Fun facts, a company called Wunderlee Candy invented it in the 1880s, but it was Goelitz Confectionery, now the Jelly Belly Company, that mass produced it in the 20th century.

And, it’s actually made out of CORN syrup. Back in the day, corn syrup and sugar were cooked down and then poured into molds shaped like corn kernels. Today, corn syrup is still a main ingredient.

**Fake news warning of the dangers of dressing chickens in Halloween costumes forced the Centers for Disease Control to respond.

The CDC issued tips how to safely handle their chickens while dressing them:

1-Always wash your hands after touching chickens or anything in their environment.

2-Keep chickens outdoors.

3-Don’t eat or drink in chicken coops.

4-Don’t kiss or snuggle with your chickens.

And-Children under 5 should not hold or touch chickens because they’re more likely to touch their hands and face.

Be safe out there.


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