Guess who was at the Central Washington State Fair and got permission (from the Yakima PD) on the first day to use her VAPE?

None other than Reesha On The Radio. And we have the video evidence to prove it! (Filmed on location at the CWSF.)

Here's a fun video for those of you who have been trying to quit smoking to no avail. It's possible, but you might need a vape to help you. Reesha has not smoked ONE cigarette since Aug. 29, 2014! (Disclaimer: Reesha did get herself a high-quality vape from a local Yakima shop called The Vape Spot.)

Because you know she's all about that vapes!


Reesha On The Radio gave up smoking cigarettes on her last birthday and is a big fan of vapes. So if you have been trying to quit smoking, vapes are highly recommended. Accompanied by fun music and CWSF shenanigans!


Because you know I'm all about the vapes, bout that vapes.
No Swishers.
I'm all about the vapes, bout that vapes.
No Marl-boros.
I'm all about the vapes, bout that vapes.
No Camels.
I'm all about the vapes. Vapes. Vapes. Vapes. Vapes.

I'm bringing vaping back.
You run and tell those smoking b*tches that.
No, I'm just playing.
Girl, you think you're that!
But I'm here to tell you,
Every inch of vaping's perfect from the bottom to the top.

Yeah, my momma, she told me to stop smoking any more.
(ooh, wopp wop, sha ooh, wop wop)
She said boys don't like a little booty that smells like tar.
Tar booty-booty. Tar booty-booty.
You know, I won't be your nicotine-stick figure Barbie Doll.
(ooh, wop, wop, sha ooh, wop, wop)
So if that's what you're into, then go 'head and move along.

Because you know I'm all about the vapes!

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