UPDATE 7/17/2018: Three days left to donate and they are SOOO CLOSE! I will be interviewing Rick at 5:30pm today on the afternoon show with Sarah J CLICK HERE to stream live or download our free app to catch it! This is SO cool!

Rick Castaneda, a write and director, is about to drop his second film that features our beautiful Yakima Valley. The film is All Sorts, is currently in post-production and they are asking for financial help to get it off the ground. Now there are some pretty cool perks for donating your hard earned cash like a script from the movie along with a dvd and more CLICK HERE

The goal is to reach $21,500 so share, share, share people! Let's make this mans dreams come true and show off how incredible our valley is! :)

Have you heard of Cement Suitcase? Yep that's his, available on Amazon Prime right now. That was his first and his second, All Sorts is set to debut pretty soon!!

I didn't work here at the time BUT some of the film was shot in the downstairs area of the radio station and that is SO cool! :) CLICK HERE for more photos

Here was a video that John Riggs filmed back when they were still filming! :)

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