The wind is whipping and will continue to blow all evening long, instead of staying at home why don't you let the wind push you to the movie theatre for a special viewing of All Sorts, written and directed by Rick Casteneda and filmed in Yakima, WA!

Rick is originally from Granger, WA and this is his second feature film! All Sorts looks into the magical world of office work...what if there was something happening underneath the surface!? You know there always is!

Perhaps an underground file folding competition? This quirky film tips its hat at all the wild characters that make up an office atmosphere, including a boss who is so colorful, and to the letter, that he's willing to fire and re-hire himself to make things work! Ever had a co-worker who was receiving mysterious phone calls from someone accusing them of things they didn't do, every day? Got that too and that's only the smidge of the fun!

Where Can You See This Film?

You can purchase your tickets here and make sure to follow All Sorts on social media for more dates to watch this fantastic film created by a local Washingtonian!

All Sorts

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