Today I caught part of a show segment that had the right and wrong ways to carve a turkey - of course with examples, and it kicked me into pre-plans for Thanksgiving dinner, but also raised the question: Do you know how to properly carve a turkey?

I won't lie, I am not sure I do. I try to get the most meat from the turkey and try to use as much as I can, but the truth is, I cut the turkey for presentation, and after watching the segment today, - obviously not for maximization! I am huge on the presentation of the dinner. All food needs to look and be cooked to perfection in my eyes! I will spend hours cooking (I kick everyone out of my kitchen) and I have to make it gorgeous, and if you mess it up.....may luck be on your side!

I also think to myself, do any of my guests care how much prep goes into the presentation, and how much love is used to cook it? Do they really care about the perfectly sliced piece of meat, or the decorations - Is the actual dinner REALLY the most important OR is the day old turkey?! As much as we love turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, we all know there is no better sandwich made, than that of the leftover turkey the day after Thanksgiving and we do not care what the meat cut looks like then! One thing I know when it comes time for this years cook fest in my kitchen, I might think twice before cutting the bird!

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