As you prep your Thanksgiving dinner, you find yourself faced with many options. Not just what to serve. That's usually pretty standard. You have your vegetables: corn, peas, green beans, or some sort of mix/casserole. You got your carbs and starches like potatoes, bread, and stuffing. Then you have your meat. For most people, it's Turkey. But how should you prepare that turkey? COOK, I mean, how should you COOK that turkey? Sure, you could deep fry or slow smoke it, but where's the fun in that? Well, we have three ideas that may bring out your inner redneck just in time for Thanksgiving.

3 Redneck Ways To Cook A Thanksgiving Turkey

3.) Under The Hood.

This one is really only recommended if your car engine is clean. If not, I recommend hitting up the dollar store to get a couple of those foil cooking pans. Wrap that your turkey in that and then place it on the engine block. Be mindful of any motor belts and fans. You want your turkey to be cooked AND carved in the engine compartment. NOTE: this way of cooking might take a while. It'll cost you an arm and a leg in gas money too. But it's a sound idea. Oh, an additional tip, don't throw away the dollar store pans. You can reuse them later when you're changing your motor oil.

2.) Tall Boy Turkey

You may have heard of "Beer Can Chicken." Well, think of that only with a turkey and a bigger can. How do you heat it? Well, that's simple. Get some 80-proof alcohol (or harder), cover it, and light it! (Kids, get parent's permission first).

3.) Jet Engine

I could describe how to cook a turkey with a Jet engine, but it's much cooler to watch. Check the video out below, be safe & have a happy Thanksgiving!


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