Over the weekend I stopped by an estate sale on Snowmountain Road and saw the coolest thing in the basement: a miniature railroad patterned after the Moxee Toppenish and Western.

As you can see from the photos below, the former owner must have had well over 100 different cars, railroad crossings, stations, hundreds of feet of track, bridges, a representation of Toppenish from more than a century ago and several transformers to power his railroad. From end to end his "railyard" is about 25 feet long and about 15 feet deep. It sits upon a platform about 4 feet high and he had actually cut out holes in the platform in the corners so he could crawl underneath and access the far reaches. The whole thing was ingenious.

I'm assuming he worked for the railroad for a career (or was just a huge enthusiast) as he had railroad art hanging on walls all over the house and several train whistles.

Too bad I couldn't have had a conversation with this man while he was still alive because he must have been fascinating.






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