Rose Siggins will be attending along side her American Horror Story: Freak Show companion 'Amazon Eve' at this year's Central City Comic Con in Yakima as a special guest.

Quick bio about Rose Siggins from her Facebook page:

I was born with a rare genetic disorder, known as Sacral Agenesis. If I was born today, my medical diagnosis could have been called Spinal Bifida. These two disabilities are very similar and very slightly. My legs were severely deformed with the feet pointing in opposite directions. This was not painful for me because I had no feeling in them. When you are an active child, at age two, your legs can become a danger to you. At this young age my parents consulted with several doctors, surgeons and specialists to find the best coarse of action for the useless legs. The big question weighing on my parents mind. Do we amputate? Or not? We could have her fitted into a wheelchair. What do you think they decided to do? There insightful decision allows me to lead a fairly normal childhood.

You’ll have a chance to meet Rose Siggins, as well as the rest of the special guests, at the comic con in Yakima later this year as Central City Comic Con hits the Yakima Convention Center Oct. 23-25.

We’ll see you there!

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