The Christmas season usually has everyone making and baking goodies. You don't mind eating them, but you have trouble making. You're not alone. I'm not great at baking, either. The good news about these Andes Mint pretzels as they take 3 ingredients and not much time at all to create.

Here's what you need.

  • mini-prezels
  • Andes mints
  • M&Ms (optional)
  • Preheat your oven to 350. Lay out your pretzels on a cookie sheet. Top each one with an Andes mint and pop in the oven for about 4 minutes. Don't put it in there too long, just long enough to make the Andes mint soft without melting. Take them out and place a couple of M&Ms in each one. You can even use mint M&Ms if you want them super minty.

    I reached out to Facebook to ask what to call these. Amy Allen suggested 'AMPs' for Andes Mint Pretzels so that's what I'll call them for now on. Great suggestion!

    Let them cool and enjoy!

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