Washington State Department of Transportation officials say both White and Snoqualmie passes are too dangerous "to safely make an assessment and more inclement weather is forecasted for the next 24 hours." Both passes could be closed until late Friday or early Saturday.



Highway 12 from Thursday morning.


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Heavy snow has blanketed the Yakima area making travel a challenge and closing schools and businesses.

Forecasts called for 4 to 9 inches of snow the fall

The National Weather Service predicted 4-to 9 inches of snow for the valley Thursday. So far an unofficial 5 to 8 inches of snow has fallen in Yakima and much more on cascade passes. Both Snoqualmie and White Passes are closed. Department of Transportation officials say they'll reevaluate the conditions on Snoqualmie Pass at 12:00 pm Today and they'll check conditions on White Pass at 10:00 am. The White Pass Ski Area is closed for the day Thursday.
The forecast for Yakima calls for a wintry mix later today of snow and freezing rain.
Schools up and down the valley are closed today many city and county offices are also impacted.

Give the snow plows plenty of room as they clear streets of snow

If you are driving today the snow is heavy and deep and city snow plows are out trying to clear the roads. They begin in the downtown business areas and then work their way through the city including clearing neighborhoods of snow. If it's your garbage day Today make sure you clear a space around your garbage so they can pick up and dump your container.

A burn ban in now in effect in Yakima County

The Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency has issued a ban on the use of uncertified wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces in all of Yakima County until further notice. A news release says;
The Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency is issuing this Stage 1 burn ban due to deterioration in weather conditions and poor ventilation that will be contributing to a build-up of air pollutants in the area.

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