Since the family is getting together, I wanted to know if there are games you play every year?

Our family has always played Shanghai. It's an 10 round (yes, I said 10 and honestly that is a deal breaker for some of the newer members because of the length of time spent playing) but for those of us who grew up around it. It's a big deal. Our Uncle Harry was the head of this business and you were only allowed to play with the adults if you could keep all your cards in your hands. Each player starts with 11 cards and can end up with 18. The minute your hands got sore and you started laying cards face down on the table, you were sent back to the kids area to, "practice".

I have the best memories of my Grandma shouting out, "you dirty dog!" Or pointing at certain cards in her hand that no one could see, "if you just drop this or this I will be in a much better mood." They both have passed but it's so nice to keep their memories and traditions alive.

Going into 2020 feels like new traditions should be created so I am really excited to put this list together of potentials.

Please feel free to add your favorites as well


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    Saran-Wrap Ball Game

    There are a few tips for this business. You'll need a few different prizes. Not a good idea to twist the saran-wrap and tear it off so it's not one big ball. You'll need mittens or cooking gloves to make it harder to unwrap. A timer and a good attitude. ;) JK

    I have also seen people create them with wrapping paper and ribbons so it's biodegradable

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    Minute to Win It Party Games

    I see Rudolph with tape on your nose :)

    Jingle Bells in old Kleenex boxes

    Christmas Cliffhanger and more


  • 3

    Christmas Drawing Challenge

    All you need is paper plates and some different colored pens

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    More Party Games

  • 5


    There are SO many different types of Monopoly games out there now

  • 6

    When the kids go to bed - Cards Against Humanity

  • 7

    The hottest games of 2019

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