No doubt you've seen a Yakima rack before on someone's car. You may even have one yourself. That raises my question, are they made in Yakima? Let's find out.

Well, according to someone on WikiAnswers:

They used to be made in the great U S of A but now are made in Mexico.

(edit 6/12/12) An email response from the company received 6/12/12, states:

All of our hitch racks, including the DoubleDown, are made in China.

Okay, so they're not made in Yakima, but why the Yakima name? Well, if you check out the brand history of Yakima on their website.

Yakima Industries is founded by Otto & Jeanne Lagervall in Yakima, Washington. An inventor and paddlesports enthusiast, Otto makes handmade foot braces for canoes and kayaks.

So, there you go, although Yakima racks aren't made in Yakima, they are named after the city in which the company was founded.

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