We're closing in on about a month of "oh wow, this thing is for real, time to lock ourselves indoors" . . . and all the barber shops and salons shutting down.

So . . . are you ready to get your hair cut by someone living with you yet?

If you have a hair dresser in your house, good on you. The rest of us, will have to roll the dice and let someone else with probably questionable skills with scissors to trim your locks. Good luck to ya!

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According to a new survey, 15% of people say they've already gotten a haircut from someone at home . . . another 16% say they haven't yet but they probably will . . . and 18% say they already cut their hair at home anyway.

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Added up, that means 49% of people will be rocking home haircuts during the quarantine.

And if you're thinking that's all just men who are going with buzz cuts, that's not the case.  9% of women have already let someone in their house cut their hair, 14% are about to have someone do it, and 15% cut their own hair. Good luck!

And remember, no running with scissors.


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