It's international girlfriend day, which means it's time to celebrate that special someone. Granted, even after today, this is an amazing list to celebrate that special someone in your life any day of the year.

Whether it's an anniversary birthday or just a special day in general you can pamper them with any of these places. `We made sure to include places such as restaurants. spas and more.

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4.) Kana Winery

This Winery is in a gorgeous setting in the Yakima Valley, with a chance for you to taste some of the most delicious wines in the Yakima Valley, experience live music, and you can check out the special events that they hold throughout the year like wine and chocolate night, and a whole lot more.

3.) Orion Theater 

Make it a date night and head to the theater, you must be 21 and up to attend movies here but boy is it worth it. Once you get to your seats you can tap a little silver button on your tray and a waiter will come right to your seat and take your order. No, they don't just have popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos, which they do have. No, they have an entire menu of delicious foods like sliders, steaks, and entrees to fit the film you're watching s in they make special entrees to match the film. They also offer specially made drinks to fit the film as well, or you can just order anything else from the bar.

2.) A La Mode Spa and Salon 

Give that special someone the pampering they deserve, this spa comes highly rated in the Yakima valley covering everything from massages, facials, and hair care. Honestly, that's just the start, a day here and that special someone will come refreshed and relaxed.

1.) Cowichie Canyon Kitchen 

Celebrate the love in your life with a delicious night out at Cowichie Canyon Kitchen, their menu is just the right size, meaning the food is fresh, the chefs are good at what they do and the food is delicious. The service here is also amazing making sure you have everything you need. If you haven't gotten a chance to taste their amazing food or delicious desserts this is the perfect reason to go now.

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