*thank you so much for those that joined us! Here is what we did today. Melissa and I will both be taking a break next week so we will meet back on Wednesday, September 4th :)*

It's my favorite part of the week! Our psychic medium Melissa Henyan will be joining us. Every week we have done a half-hour on-air and then flipped to the 107.3 KFFM facebook page. Today it's going to be a full hour on our Facebook page, beginning at 4 pm pst. So if you have not friended our page yet, get on over there and do it so once we begin you will receive a notification! :)

I have also set-up an event page. We don't have a topic picked for today, last week we covered re occurrences we are all experiencing :) So feel free to drop anything you have been wondering about.

We discovered that if you write your question and then wait while we are reading people, it helps with the flow. We will tag the person we are reading so hopefully they will know we are answering them and they can respond in turn.

Very excited to get started so please share this with anyone you know would be interested. Set your alarm and we will get started soon! :)


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