*update* Thank you so much for everyone that joined us. We will be going live on facebook for a full hour next week beginning at 4 pm so get ready

It's been a few weeks since we have had our resident psychic Melissa Henyan in the building and I have to say, I have missed her! You? :)

She just message me with a theme I believe we all can get behind. The common threads between all of us. Recently she has been asked a lot about dragonflies. Perhaps there is a sequence of numbers you continue to see or a song that shows up for you.

It's SO important to listen to your guides and if you need more info CLICK HERE

An example of your guides helping you. Last week I was at a live broadcast in Selah. There were two ladies who stopped by and shared this story.

They were sitting in the car. One of them was talking about how she really wanted to go back to school, was thinking massage therapy but just wasn't sure if she was REALLY ready. Her friend was like, you need to do it, I will drive you there for more info. She turned on the car and I came on over the radio, "come on down to the Central Washington School of Massage! Where today only you can get $500 off your tuition!" Guess who signed-up? :) They were laughing at the coincidence but I was laughing inside because as Melissa would say, "that wasn't a coincidence at all!"

We begin at 4 pm PST on-air. You can call in at 509-972-1073. They are very short calls because we are still live on the air and then about 4:30 pm we do a live video on our 107.3 KFFM facebook page. I have an event page set-up and if you are not our friend yet on there please do so, so once we begin you will receive a notification.

Very excited to have you join us today and each week to center ourselves, clear our minds and connect for a bit!

Stream from your computer, download our app or turn your dial to 107.3 KFFM because it's going down for real :)


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