Oh brother, do I have to? Well, if you want to grow and move to the next lesson in your life then yes, yes you do!

We all have ish to work on, so as I write this please don't think that I am not including myself. I am FULLY including myself.

When we come across an event, a moment in our life that rubs us the wrong/right/some type of way we can choose to shove our unhappy down or start looking at the why. Why did that make me feel some sort of way?

Psychic medium Melissa will be the first one to tell you she isn't a therapist, but the skills she processes can assist with helping pinpoint some of what you are going through. It is then your responsibility to dive in and work on those things.

It's crazy once you start to acknowledge the thing and begin to own it, you will find the next time you encounter the same type of stuff, you react differently. This means you are growing and learning from your experiences.

When you freak out and start blaming other people for your reactions -- well, honey that right there. Is NOT owning your ****.

I know, it's frustrating and it would be so cool to be able to just drink a tea or say a few words and have the uncomfortable go away, but that's not how life works.

How life works is being open to listening to the people who can provide you with the skills when you feel stuck. A hump day feels like a pretty fantastic day to lay down some midweek truth.

Set your alarm, because she will be in the building beginning at 4:30 p.m. We will dive into our topic, answer questions left via our APP and also go live on our 107.3 KFFM Facebook page.

Share the info with all your friends that are hoping to join and just a gentle reminder this is for entertainment purposes. We will try and read as many of you as we can within the time period but if you are wanting more, she does this for a living so go ahead and book her :)

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