2020 just keeps giving us more, "things that make you go, hmm"

Baby witches have hexed the moon and that's not all.

My dabble with TikTok has made me aware of the term baby witch. A person who is brand new to the craft.

Apparently these little babes of witchcraft have decided to do things far above their current station, which normally would be soaking up knowledge and protection work. Instead they've taken it upon themselves to form a small coven and hex the fae.

What is the what what is going on? Why would anyone want to mess with fairies?

And then take on the moon?

Fairies and the moon? I'm no witch but why?

Did you know screwing with the fae could cause you to be messed with your entire life...possibly even cursing your bloodline?

I didn't either but it's pretty fascinating nonetheless and this currently is the question after I say such things.

In the spirit of all things 2020 I have to ask you

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