Barkley is our Border Collie-Brittany Spaniel mix who loves anything that looks like a ball. I had a friend who discovered a website that sells giant tennis balls for dogs online and I had to check it out for myself. 

The ball took four weeks to arrive from China because they've sold out of them in the United States. It cost $14.99 at JP POOCHES and Barkley went nuts when the package arrived in the mail.

It comes deflated so I had to pump it up and you can see from the video, he's ecstatic. I guess I didn't learn to not play with a ball in the house so Barkley causes my wife to have a near heart-attack.

We got kicked out of the house but luckily we got more room to maneuver outdoors and Barkley couldn't wait to get to the tennis ball.

I like the ball but it lasted roughly 2 minutes as Barkley had already punctured it from rough playing. It's a great toy and your dog will love it.

I did learn to keep the ball (when not in use) far out of Barkley's range because he'll just sit and chew on it all day. It's a great gift idea if you have a pooch like mine.

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