Everyone loves sports, and even those who claim to hate them end up finding one they're absolutely obsessed with or develop a love for a game they never cared for before. Washington State is a great place to become a fan with some of the top teams in every sport being located here.

Washington is growing faster and faster every day with new expansions taking place it could be a short time before we see another sports team come to the evergreen state. So here are four of the most popular sports in Washington, maybe we'll give you a new favorite. We would love to include Basketball but since we don't have a team it'll get an honorable mention here.

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4.) Soccer

The Seattle Sounders exploded onto the Seattle scene back in 2009 and sports fans haven't looked back since. Playing in Lumen Field people were quick to become fans. Little did they know they were watching a championship team in the making. The Sounders brought home two Major League Soccer championships.

3.) Baseball

America's favorite pastime and one played all around the world, it's especially loved in the Seattle area, more so in 2022 than ever before. The Seattle Mariners have produced some of the greatest players ever including, Ichiro, Ken Griffey Jr., Jay Buhner, Alex Rodriguez, and a whole lot more. This year they're playing better than ever and showing real promise to make it to the world series. However, before any of this dedicated Mariners fans have continued to support their favorite team for years. Kids all across the state grew up playing baseball and are still passing it down to their children to this day.

2.) Football

People in Washington have been obsessed with football long before Russell Wilson joined the Seahawks. My parents were both old-school fans talking about Jim Zon or Steve Largent. Ever since the Seahawks came to Seattle in 1976 they've had hardcore fans backing them up. Even if you don't think they've earned their spot at number two for the most popular sports, just tune into a seahawks game and see how many empty seats you can find. Here's a hint, there's not a lot.

1.) Hockey

Washington has been a fan of hockey for a long time, we have some of the top FPHL teams including the Silvertips and Thunderbirds to name a few. Since the Kraken was announced everyone and their mother got into the game. Seattle was given the chance to expand and become the 32nd team in the NHL, and Washington went nuts over it. Parents everywhere are signing their kids up for peewee hockey and taking them to the games whenever they can. During the Winter you'll see a plethora of Kraken Hockey Sweaters all around the state.

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