In my early twenties I lived on the third floor of an apartment building that housed a group of young adults who were attending the local school for the blind. They were wild. My roommates and I would hear them running down the open air hallways at top speed at random times of the day and night. I don't think they could have fallen over the side but I mean it's the third floor AND they can't see anything!

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Eventually we became friends and I asked what the deal was. They explained they were just practicing living their best lives. The more they practiced walking different areas without their canes, the more confident they became. I dug it and was always happy to assist when they would yell from their open apartment door requesting assistance with identifying this or that.

Fast forward to a few months ago I was perusing Facebook and a friend from back in the day posted about an app she uses called Be My Eyes and I was hooked.

This app allows you to assist a blind person with tasks they aren't able to do themselves. I've been waiting for my first phone call and yesterday it happened!

My husband and I were in the car when I got the call. A video popped up of a women who was trying to figure out which can in her pantry was chili. I spoke softly and waited for her to reach out to a can and touch it to let her know it wasn't that one, I had her turn another can to find out what it was and then saw the chili right behind it. She put her hand on it, I said there's the chili. She said thank you and that was it.

It was exhilarating and I was SO happy my husband was able to witness it because he said multiple times thru the rest of the evening how cool that experience was. Sight is a gift and being available to connect someone with what they need without being invasive is such a cool concept.

This is only the second time I have received a phone call in the months I have had the app. The call gets picked up by whoever see's it first so there might have been others but if you are wanting to make a difference, this is an incredible way to do so.

Help me spread the word and for perspective. Tonight, take a moment to close your eyes and attempt one of your day to day tasks without your sight.

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