The start of school can be overwhelming, not only for kids but parents. Working on getting back into a routine with work and sleep schedules. After school activities, new friends and hormones as they age. Wouldn't it be nice to have a safe place to voice your concerns or at least have SOMEONE to speak with who's going through the same thing?

B.I.L.Y is here for you! Better Together Because I Love You is a free support group for parents in Yakima that meets every Monday at the Yakima Police Activities League, 602 N. Fourth Ave., every Monday from 6-8:30 p.m.

Take a beat knowing the next time your child rolls their eyes while you're dropping some real talk or begins fighting with their siblings or with someone at school, you have a place that is ready to listen.

Through a collaboration of concerned citizens and community leaders Better Together: Because I love You (B.I.L.Y) Parent support group was formed. Come join us to find out how to support one another on this journey known as parenting.

If you are needing more info or a contact ...

Contact info: (509) 574-2175 Michelle R., (509) 823-7648 Amanda R., (509) 575-6180 YPAL, (509) 575-6180 Beth S./ Michele F.

You can also check their FACEBOOK page for helpful tips and tricks.

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