The upcoming movie "Bully" is being released March 30th and has caused a trail of controversy. They did change the movie's rating from R to PG-13 even after almost getting an NC-17 rating. A movie like this needs to be shared with teenagers and families alike.

I grew up in a small town and had to deal with bullies on a day to day basis. We all know Junior High days can be the absolute worst as teenage hormones are going crazy. I look back and I realize that my bullying was nowhere near the level that some kids had to endure. I was a fortunate one as my level of bullying was centered more around my name rather than physical prowess. I never understood why teachers and parents look away and try to act like bullying is just a fact of life  ritual for kids.

My worst memory is being in 6th grade and having to deal with a kid that just wouldn't leave me alone...We had to sit on the floor single file and he thought it would be great to continually kick me in the back for no reason. I finally got up and left the class...literally not telling the teacher where I was going...The teacher didn't even bother to check on what the issue was.

I know I held a lot of anger at the bullies from my own past for many years. I hated the fact that I couldn't defend myself at the time or that I had no options as I felt the adults around me refused to acknowledge the situation. I think it is sad that it takes years for kids that were bullied to rise above the abuse...and as adults we dismiss the abuse.

I guess people have their reasons for looking away but this is a movie that needs to be shared with your kids.

I do have a happy ending to tell you about my own situation with bullying. I had to deal with the bullying for 3 years in middle school and finally in 8th grade...I stood up for myself with a bully...and sadly he got the full blunt of my rage...all those years of embarrassment and shame came to a screeching halt as my fists connected with his face. I don't regret that I defended myself but I still hate the fact that it had to come to that. The good news...people left me alone or if they insulted was from afar....better than the physical abuse.

I do have one more note in this story, my own son Logan has never had an issue with bullying or name calling...I ironically named him a pretty average name in hopes that he would escape the barbs of the immature and it seems to have worked.

I cringe when I view a trailer like this ... all that anger...all the shame comes bubbling up again..I guess no matter can't escape the abuse of others...see this movie with your kids and maybe you can stop the bullying before it even starts.


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