They have a whole game plan when it comes to being lying thieves. One distracts the victim by asking for assistance grabbing something off a high shelf while the other grabs the wallet and I suppose the third is the lookout?

The Yakima Police Department is in need of our help identifying these pieces of ****. Seriously, I speak on this enough, people work hard for what little money they have and then there are wastes of space like this.

After they stole this sweet and helpful lady's card they then proceeded to purchase items with her credit card at other stores. How fun, NOT!

The females in the photographs stole a wallet from a woman at a local grocery store. The male with them went with them to other stores to use the woman’s credit cards after they stole the wallet. Please call Det. Nielsen at 509.576.6795 if you have information on this incident.

Obviously one is in need of a bigger coat but I am a little more saddened to see the air pods sticking in the ears of the lady in the pink coat. Those pods run about anywhere from $30 to $500 and she's out here stealing people's stuff. Get the **** out of here. Ain't nobody got time for that.

If you are dating any of these dirtbags or friends with them, I would cut that off immediately and turn them in. No one deserves to have their stuff stolen from them, especially when they are being targeted like this.

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