To me, the Central Washington State Fair is all about the food. Foot-long corn dogs, ice cream, funnel cakes and especially the elephant ears. If you can't make it to the fair this year but still need your elephant ear fix, they have them for sale as Rosauers.

Right near the check stand there was this rack that had some pre-made elephant ears and caramel apples. No funnel cakes, though. Bummer.

These elephant ears were made in their bakery. I didn't actually taste test one to see how close they were but these were a little more stiff than the ones you get at the fair and were smaller. Still, though, for a great price if you need that cinnamon-sugar fix it may not be a bad alternative.

Full disclosure: This is not a commercial for them, it's just something I saw at the store and wanted to share it with you.

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